Hydro 2.0 initiative

The Hydro 2.0 Initiative has been established in 2019 to support the cost effective adoption of innovative and sustainable Hydro 2.0 solutions in the Balkans, and particularly in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo. Three independent Dutch experts decided to join their expertise as to assure that key Hydro 2.0 domains are covered. So that jointly with international and local partners projects can be developed and implemented. 

The Hydro 2.0 approach emerged over the last few years and comprises new innovative concepts that rivet together sustainable hydropower technologies with integrated water management functions and water governance whilst adapting these specifically to the prevailing local context. This to assure that the solutions are sustainable, appropriate and well prepared for the future.

To this end the Hydro 2.0 initiative aims at fostering hydropower solutions that are supported by closing business cases, that are in line with relevant EU directives, and meet high social and environmental standards. Involvement at an equal basis of local partners that also act as custodians of core cultural values and transparency is considered key for success. 

This approach goes far beyond conventional technologies and solutions, and builds upon the renowned Dutch expertise with respect to landscape architecture and spatial planning of complex water related works. It also extends the Dutch Delta Approach and the Netherlands International Water Ambition[1] implemented by the Netherlands Water Partnership to start working in the Balkans.

Hydro 2.0 is best explained by focussing on the five main components which could be extended with additional regional components if needed. As such it takes a wholistic stance at developing projects, and opens doors for the development of new innovative and inclusive approaches.

[1] See: https://www.government.nl/topics/water-management/waterenvoy