BT Projects (BTP)

BT Projects is a Dutch project company that develops and implements innovative renewable energy solutions, with a main focus on hydro power. In the Netherlands it is known for the establishment of the Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam (TTC-GD), that brings together expertise and provides onshore facilities to test, demonstrate and certify innovative technologies. All under real-life conditions on near 1:1 scale, and including their ecological impact, effects on morphology and fish friendliness.

BT Projects is involved in several European initiatives, and is expanding its operations to the emerging markets in support of the adoption of sustainable energy innovations worldwide. It focusses on business opportunities in emerging markets that deliver, besides renewable energy at low cost, additional and sustainable benefits. The company facilitates all stages from development stage to construction and operation. In all cases, the business case has to be underpinned by solid financial as well as economic returns on investment.

The business opportunities vary from small energy projects at remote locations (e.g. electricity for a primary healthcare post) to large projects (e.g. entailing the connection of an island to the main land through an energy producing dam). Also business opportunities may pertain the rehabilitation of existing installations with obsolete environmentally unfriendly technology. Or the application of innovative technologies – particularly fish friendly low-head hydropower and cascades – that are appropriate to the local context, and where conventional technologies are no more effective. With a focus on energy, ecology, water management and water protection.

Particularly the integration of these functions is considered relevant for raising the interest of technology developers, site owners and financial parties to implement so called sector wide concepts. BT Projects is capable to provide innovative and proven energy solutions that are appropriate for the local context while addressing typical bottlenecks at sector level.